1-6 September 2007 Gdansk-Jelitkowo and Hel Peninsula, Poland | Now is: Friday 28th February  
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The Poster Sessions
There will be two poster sessions. The first will start on Sunday, 2nd at 17:00, after the Session 3, and will finish around 19:00, and the second will start on Monday, 3rd at 17:00 after the Session 6, and will finish around 19:00 too.

Posters The maximum area available for poster presentations is 1.0 m wide x 1.4 m high. Poster panels will be marked with numbers correlated with the Abstract Booknumbers. The title, authors' names and affiliation(s) should appear at the top of the poster. All posters should be in English. Posters will be attached to display panels by double-sided tape provided by the Organizers.


Session 1
P-01 A. Amirabadizadeh
Reduction of sintering time in preparation of high Tc superconductors based on Bi
P-02 J. Barczyński
Mixed conductivity in tungstenite-phosphate glasses containing alkali ions
P-03 G. Bergmański
P-04 G. Bergmański
Local structure in liquid Ag and Cu -- a Molecular Dynamics study
P-05 M. Białoskórski
P-06 V. Bilozertseva
Structural self-organization and electrical properties of Bi-contained thin films
P-07 M. Bobrowski
Quantum-numerical parametrization for quantum-classical hybrid methods for metals
P-08 O. Bratus
Nanocomposite SiO2(Si) films as a medium for nonvolatile memory
P-09 E. Chernonog
Atomic structure of silicon nitride thin film on Si(111): computer simulation
P-10 V. Cherpak
Vacuum-deposited poly(o-methoxyaniline) thin film and its structure and electronic properties
P-11 K. Cieślak
Influence of technological conditions of LPE process on the morphology of Si ELO layers
P-12 D. Czekaj
Application of impedance spectroscopy for ferroelectric thin film characterization
P-13 A. Dawid
Dynamical properties of potassium ion K+ trapped in fullerene C60 cage - MD simulation
P-14 A. Dawid
Dynamical and structural properties of titanium-decorated fullerene: computer simulation study
P-15 Z. Dendzik
Properties of endohedral complexes of low molecular weight systems encapsulated in carbon nanotubes - MD study
P-16 A. Duda
Effective elastic properties and strong ellipticity for two-dimensional elastic media
P-17 M. Dudek
Magnetic films of negative Poisson's ratio in rotating magnetic fields
P-18 J. Dziedzic
Degradation of nanocutting tool: MD simulation
P-19 P. Fiertek
Transport measurements of ferromagnetic-superconductor composite based on open-pore YBa2Cu3O7-σ high-temperature superconductors
P-20 W. Gac
Methane decomposition and formation of carbon filaments
P-21 J. Gackowska
The structure and electrical conductivity of reduced lead-germanate, bismuth-germanate and bismuth-silicate glasses modified with potassium
P-22 M. Gazda
Electronic conduction in (Bi,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O granular superconductors
P-23 B. Grabiec
Electronic correlations in fermionic lattice models
P-24 D.A. Grynko
Organized photoelectretic films based on carbazole polymers
P-25 S. Gułkowski
Modeling of the thin Si layers growth on partially masked Si substrate
P-26 N. Guskos
Ageing effect in nanocrystalline TiC/C studied by EPR
P-27 N. Guskos
Magnetic properties of TiCx/C nanoparticles
P-28 N. Guskos
ESR study of the C60 .2 ferrocene crystalline complex
P-29 P. Hamolka
Adaptation of nanoporous alumina dielectric and copper interconnections in thin film temperature microsensors
P-30 G. Jarosz
Small signal spectra of complex capacitance obtained on an organic-organic heterojunction
P-31 I. Jóźwik
Interdigitated back contact solar cells with optimized back surface passivation
P-32 H.M. Khlyap
Effect of γ-irradiation on electric properties of chalcogenide semiconductor glass As2S3
P-33 P. Kosobutskyy
The method of thin films parameters modelling by spectra envelope functions of light reflection and transmission
P-34 B. Kościelska
Superconducting properties of NbN-SiO2 disordered system obtained by ammonolysis of Nb2O5-SiO2 sol-gel derived coatings
P-35 B. Kościelska
Structural analysis of NbN-SiO2 filmsobtained by ammonolysis of Nb2O5-SiO2 sol-gel derived coatings
P-36 M. Kowalik
Thermodynamic stability of degenerate crystal (aperiodic solid) of hard dimers in three dimensions
P-37 A. Krivchikov
Thermal conductivity of proton glassy crystal: clathrate hydrates
P-38 R. Krutohvostov
Patterned test samples for scanning near-field optical microscope prepared by electron beam lithography
P-39 H. Krzyżanowska
Composition of Ge+ and Si+ implanted SiO2/Si layers: the role of oxides in nanoclusters formation
P-40 H. Krzyżanowska
Hydrogen and oxygen concentration analysis of porous silicon
P-41 Yu.A. Kunitskiy
Coherent Fourier analysis in diagnostics of amorphous and nanocrystalline materials
P-42 Yu.A. Kunitskiy
Self-organizing processes in ion-plasma condensed nanomaterials
P-43 Yu.A. Kunitskiy
Diagnostics of nanomaterials
P-44 W. Kusnezh
The thermal synthesis of CdTe films from elementary components
P-45 V.V. Kuznetsov
Balance of thermodynamic restrictions as the base for production of multicomponent nanoheterosystems
P-46 S. Lange
Luminescent properties of Sm-doped polycrystalline ZrO2
P-47 L. Leontie
Electronic transport properties of some new N-(p-R-phenacyl)-1,7-phenanthrolinium bromides in thin films
P-48 B. Lipowska
Luminescent materials: Tb(III) ions - nobel metal nanostructures - oxide xerogel
P-49 A. Lisińska-Czekaj
Fabrication and multi-properties of BiFeO3 ceramics
P-50 N. Lutsyk
Structural transformations in thin films of the GaSb-Ge system
Session 2
P-51 S. Mahlik
Luminescence kinetics in the silica gel doped with Tb3+ ions and ZnS:Mn2+ nanocrystals
P-52 J. Majszczyk
Photoacoustic spectrum of a new twelve-coordinated Ho(III) hydrazone complex
P-53 A. Malakis
The three-diemnsional conserved-order-parameter Ising model with M=0.95: A Monte Carlo Wang-Landau approach
P-54 D. Mardare
TiO2 thin films as sensing gas materials
P-55 M. Maryniak
Magnetic properties of PEE PEN matrix with maghemite
P-56 C. Mita
Phase separation in La0.54Sm0.11Ca0.35Mn1-xCuxO3 manganites
P-57 P. Moskvin
Thermodynamic software for obtaining CdxHg1-xTe solid solution for infrared optoelectronics by means of LPE
P-58 S. Mudry
Concentration fluctuations in liquid Bi-Zn alloys
P-59 S. Mudry
Phase transformations in La1-xNdxNi3.5Al1.5--H2 (x=0.1; 0.2) system
P-60 Yu. M. Nizelskij
Dielectric relaxation polyurethane networks nanostructured in situ by metal complexes
P-61 Yu. M. Nizelskij
Nanostructurization in plyurethanes containing polymerimmobilized coordination metal complexes in situ
P-62 R. Nowak
Effects of nitrogen addition on the structure and properties of a-C:H layers on the polycarbonate substrates
P-63 J. M. Olchowik
Influence of gas atmosphere during LPE process on the morphology of Si ELO layers
P-64 M. Orłowska
Recognition materials consisting of fluoroionophores covalently grafted on mesoporous silica surface in presence of Ag nanostructures
P-65 B.V. Padlyak
The Mn2+ isolated centres and clusters in Mn-doped glasses of the CaO-Ga2O3-GeO2 system
P-66 D. Piwowarska
Growth, optical and magnetic properties of PbMoO4 pure and doped with Co2+ ions
P-67 Y. Plevachuk
Microsegregation in liquid Pb-based eutectics
P-68 K. Pomoni
Electrical conductivity and photoconductivity studies of TiO2 sol-gel thin films, and the effect of N-doping
P-69 V. Popovych
Low-temperature optical spectra of CdTe thin films
P-70 P. Potera
Absorption spectra of layers of pentacene formed by PLD method
P-71 V. Prysyazhnyuk
Stability and phase changes in thin layers of binary compounds such as rare-earth metals-iron
P-72 J. Ratajski
Fuzzy logic modelling of surface treatment processes
P-73 G. Rusu
Study on the transport and optical properties of some new polysulfone-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymers in thin films
P-74 M. Rusu
Structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films deposited onto ITO/glass substrates
P-75 A. Rzepka
Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of Nd doped Y4Al2iO9 nanopowders
P-76 V. Shvets
Equation of state of liquid metallic hydrogen
P-77 R. Signerski
On the light intensity dependence of the short-circuit current of bilayer organic photovoltaic devices
P-78 A. Sikorski
Assembling of amphiphilic multi-arm star-branched copolymers. A computer simulation study
P-79 M. Soboń
Temperature dependence of EPR/FMR spectra of carbon coated nickel nanoparticles and TEMP spin probe dispersed in paraffin
P-80 A. Solodovnik
Role of clustering in the formation of gel-like phase of N2O condensates
P-81 T. Stręk
Finite-element analysis of deformation of auxetic plates
P-82 K. Szaniawska
Nitridation of SiO2-B2O3 aerogels
P-83 T. Szydło
Hyperfine interactions in 2H13 steel subjected to ball milling
P-84 K. Tretiakov
Elastic properties of the soft sphere crystals
P-85 T. Tsaregradskaya
The theoretical researches of phase stratification process in the binary amorphous alloys
P-86 B. Tsizh
The properties of heterojunction based on ITO/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate)/pentacene/Al
P-87 J. Typek
Magnetic interactions in CrSbVO6 studied by EPR
P-88 J. Typek
FMR study of gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles in PMMA polymer
P-89 I. Virt
Application of a laser beam to fabricate self-organizing semiconductor nanostructures
P-90 G. Wisz
Growth and surface properties of pentacene films obtained by pulse laser deposition
P-91 B. Yatsyshyn
Formation and stabilization of nanocrystalline thin films
P-92 O. Yuzephovich
Magnetic-field-tuned superconductor-insulator transition in heterostrucrures AIVBVI with superconducting nano-scaled interface
P-93 A. Zdyb
Properties of films made from ZnS nanoparticles
P-94 E. Żelazowska
WO3 based electrochromic system with hybrid organic-inorganic gel electrolytes
P-95 G. Żołnierkiewicz
Magnetic interactions at high temperatures in M3Fe4V6O24 studied by EPR
P-96 G. Żołnierkiewicz
Vanadium paramagnetic centers in a new double vanadate Zn2InV3O11 studied by EPR
P-97 M. Kruczek
Electronic structure of Y3Al5O12: V single crystals, comparison with sintered ceramics

Soon will be available specific information concerning the posters (formats, display, etc.).

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