1-6 September 2007 Gdansk-Jelitkowo and Hel Peninsula, Poland | Now is: Friday 28th February  
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  How to reach the conference?

The conference will take place at:

Hotel Rzemieślnik
Piastowska 206

tel: (+48 58) 553 00 57
fax: (+48 58) 553-14-11

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How to reach Gdańsk

  • By plane

    In the 1920s Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport was transformed into an international airport, also servicing transit flights. Being the third largest airport in Poland it serves as an auxiliary airport for Warsaw. Located on the Wysoczyzna Kaszubska upland, 10 kilometres west of Gdansk and 23 kilometres south of Gdynia, it has an efficient service of land and air assistance. It provides regular service to the main European cities, with direct air connections with international connections: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Munich, London.

    Public bus no. 110 goes from Rebiechowo airport to Gdansk-Wrzeszcz railway station and bus no. B from the airport to Gdansk Glowny (railway station).

    TAXI:(+48 58) 3053535
    INFO: PKS/Bus (+48 58) 3021532, PKP/Train: 9436
    INFO Tourist: (+48 58) 3016637

  • By car

    Route E75 (through Bydgoszcz and Tczew)
    Route E77 (through Warsaw and Elbląg)
    Route E28 (through Szczecin and Słupsk)
    Route 20 (through Szczecinek, Bytów and Kartuzy)

  • By train

    The Warsaw-Gdansk line gathers travelers in central Poland, while the Szczecin-Gdansk gathers them in west Poland. For your best choice you should take a look at the timetable of the railway or try to call under:
    (+48 22) 94 36 or (+48 42) 94 36.

    Rapid connections are guaranteed by the IC (Inter City) trains.

How to reach hotel Rzemieślnik

  • Starting from the Lech Walesa airport

    Take the bus number B to Gdansk-Główny (railway-station). Time to arrive about 25 minuts. Here is the timetable of the bus (direction Orunia-Gościnna). Then take the tram number 2 or 8 (direction Jelitkowo) directly to the Jelitkowo (it is the last stop of the trams). Time to arrive about 30 minutes. Here are the timetables of the trams: 2 and 8. From the last stop of the trams you should take direction to the sea and when you reach Kapliczna street you should turn on the right along the Kapliczna street until you will reach the hotel Rzemieślnik.

    Or you can simply take a taxi from a taxi stop (e.g. in front of the airport) in the direction Gdansk Jelitkowo, hotel Rzemieślnik (Pomorska street). The journey lasts around 30 minutes and should be rather expensive (surely about 100 zlotych).

  • Starting from Gdansk Oliwa railway station

    Public bus no. 143 goes from Gdansk-Oliwa train station to Kapliczna street. Here is the timetable of the bus. From Kapliczna street you should go about 5 minuts by foot to the hotel Rzemieślnik.

    TAXI:(+48 58) 3053535
    INFO: PKS/Bus (+48 58) 3021532, PKP/Train: 9436
    INFO Tourist: (+48 58) 3016637

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