1-6 September 2007 Gdansk-Jelitkowo and Hel Peninsula, Poland | Now is: Friday 28th February  
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Keynote speakers

Name and Surname From Title of the presentation
A. Alderson Bolton, UK Auxetic frameworks
M. Banaszak Poznań, Poland Protein-like behavior of a single multiblock copolymer chain in selective solvent
J. Barnaś Poznań, Poland Nanomagnetism and information technologies
S. Barylo Minsk, Belarus Vanadates and cobaltates with Kagome'-like magnetic structure: crystal growth and properties
A. N. Bogdanov Dresden, Germany Reorientation effects and magnetization reversal in synthetic antiferromagnets
A. Branka Poznan, Poland Cubic crystals with a negative Poisson's ratio
G. Chuiko Kherson, Ukraine Changes of main optical gaps by crystal field linked with lattice deformations: computer evaluations for zinc and cadmium phosphides
J. T. Devreese Antwerp, Belgium Optical spectra of quantum dots: effects of non-adiabaticity
S. Dmitriev Tokyo, Japan Discrete systems free of the Peierls-Nabarro potential
M. Dudek Zielona Gora, Poland Magnetization dynamics in Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert formulation
N. Guskos Athens, Greece Magnetic resonance studies of low concentration magnetic nanoparticles in polymer matrices
J. Grima Msida, Malta Some recent developments on systems exhibiting negative behaviour
M. Grinberg Gdańsk, Poland Impurity trapped excitons: experimental evidences and theoretical concept
W. G. Hoover Livermore & UCD, CA, USA Particle and Finite-Element Simulations for Materials
B. Idzikowski Poznan, Poland Glass forming ability of selected metallic systems
A. Imre Budapest, Hungary Solid-fluid phase transitions under extreme pressures including negative ones
M. Jurczyk Poznań, Poland Advanced nanostructured metallic composites for energy storage
S. M. Kaczmarek Szczecin, Poland Low symmetry centers in LiNbO3 doped with Yb and Er
J. Kalinowski Gdańsk, Poland Double molecular excited species in optical emission from organic electroluminescent devices
S. Karmanenko St. Petersburg, Russia Ferrite-ferroelectric layered structures as microwave devices tunable through magnetic and electric fields
T. Klimczuk Los Alamos NL, USA Superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric Mg10Ir19B16 compound
A. Kłonkowski Gdańsk, Poland Enhancement of Tb(III) emission in presence of Ag nanostructures in oxide xerogels
K. Ławniczak-Jabłonska Warsaw, Poland Atomic order of the magnetic inclusions in semiconductors
M. Makowska-Janusik Czestochowa, Poland Mesoporous silica doped with metaloorganic functionalizing groups. Experimental and theoretical investigations
B. Maruszewski Poznań, Poland Finite Element Analysis of a deformation of an auxetic obstacle in a channel during fluid flow
G. J. Papadopoulos Athens, Greece Magnetoresistance relating to the integer Hall effect
D. Petridis Athens, Greece Extended free radical networks derived from the Condensation of Cyanuric Cloride with p-phenylenediamine
R. Reisfeld Jerusalem, Israel Nanosize particles and wires in sol gel glasses
B. Rubino L'Aquila, Italy Global existence for elastic waves with memory
F. Scarpa Bristol, UK Stochastic modelling of nanostructures: an engineering perspective
H. Szymczak Warsaw, Poland Geometrically frustrated kagome staircase lattice with chemical disorder
J. Typek Szczecin, Poland FMR and DSC study of maghemite nanoparticles in PMMA polymer matrix
K.W. Wojciechowski Poznan, Poland Elastic properties of selected models in two and three dimensions

The list will be systematically updated.

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